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Home Brands Smarty

Smarty Performance / MM3 Tuning Overview

Smarty Performance King is a company that develops and manufactures electronic products for the automotive industry. They specialize in Dodge Cummins Diesels, and most Cummins owners utilize Smarty Tuners. Smarty stands for product quality, customer satisfaction, and customer service, creating complete, performance-oriented products that are simple to use. With a team of well-versed engineers and tuners, Smarty does the research and the production in-house without outsourcing any part of the process. Their experience stems from exposure to a professional racing environment, tuning high-end racing vehicles, and experience with software and hardware development. Smarty performance programmers feature "Torque Management" that distributes power throughout the entire RPM range. Smarty products' cornerstone is a software known as CaTCHER, which is included in their best products Smarty Touch and Smarty S-67.

MM3 is a sister company of Smarty King, that is specially devoted to supporting the MM3 Tuner.

The MM3 is based on the Smarty Touch hardware platform, but the MM3 is a custom tuning device without preloaded tunes. The MM3 allows Cummins owners to pick their own custom tunes and tune their trucks in whichever way they desire. Some of the MM3 features are data logging, reading and clearing diagnostic codes, and TPMS. We offer the MM3 with Custom GDP Tunes in one complete package!

What is the Smarty Jr Programmer?

The Smarty Junior is the most basic, inexpensive programmer that Mads Electronics has to offer. It's affordable, simple to operate, has 3 Power levels to choose from, built in DTC reader with the ability to clear codes, calibrate tire sizes, etc... On most Dodge Cummins trucks the Smarty is limited to around 100 horsepower.

What is the Smarty Sr?

The Smarty Sr is the original Smarty Tuner. It's larger with a standard oldschool tuner shape and size. It's a little more money than the Smarty Jr Programmer. It has 6 power levels to choose from, and then another 5 power levels to choose from if you are stacking this tuner with a chip such as the Edge Juice. It offers calibrations similar to the Smarty Junior as well. It's the original programmer, and if you want future flexibility on performance and the most power you can possibly get, you should get the standard Smarty. The standard Smarty, depending on the truck model you purchase it for will see an increase of up to 210 horsepower! That's incredible. However, for 1998 to 2002 24v trucks you should only expect something around 70-90 horsepower.

What is the Smarty Touch?

The Smarty touch is a programmer with the best full color digital touch display in the industry. It programs similar to how the original Smarty Sr programs, but with a full color touch display. This means you'll get the same horsepower you would have if you had purchased a Smarty Sr. It's a great unit and the installation is easy. You can even purchase the EGT probe to watch your temperatures, which is especially important when pulling a trailer, or playing around with a lot of horsepower. The Smarty Touch has been good for 1998 to 2012 Dodge Cummins trucks, but now with the purchase of the new ComMod module, it is also good for 2013 to 2016 trucks as well!

Smarty FAQs

Will the Smarty programmer increase my fuel economy?

Though not guaranteed, most of our customers see an increase of around 15% in fuel efficiency.

What is the manufacturers website?

The manufacturer is Mads Electronics and their website is

What does “Added Timing” mean?

All of our programmers add timing. When you see programmer levels with “No Added Timing”, those settings are specifically for when you are “stacking” the Smarty tuner in combination with other programmers or chips. So, to be clear, if you are adding the Smarty Programmer in combination with something like the Edge Juice or a Bullydog chip, you will want to only use settings that have “No Added Timing”.