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Home Brands Banks Power
Home Brands Banks Power
Banks Power has been a player in the diesel tuner space for a long time, but they also manufacture diesel performance products such as intakes, exhausts, manifolds, even turbos. 

One of their most recent products is the Derringer tuner, which is warranty friendly and supports SOTF!

Banks Overview

Gale Banks Engineering is well known for designing and building high-performance aftermarket parts for the automotive, marine, and military industries. Time and time again, Banks patented and innovated many performance parts for gas and diesel powerplants, climbing to the top of the industry. Gale Banks began in the 1960s as a hot rodder, modifying his mother's vehicle in order to cover his college expenses. Ever since then, Gale Banks Engineering set world records; Including the "World's Fastest Diesel Truck". Banks Power being the only company that set records at Bonneville for both car and truck categories.

Banks Power covers the diesel market quite extensively, with their most prominent and innovative products being the Banks Derringer Tuner, Ram-Air Intake Kits, and Exhaust Systems. Banks Power automotive engineers are exceptionally experienced with diesel powerplants, creating high-quality, reliable diesel performance parts. Gale Banks combines good business ethics with innovative technology and competitive spirit to produce top of the market performance parts.