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Superchips Overview

Superchips was founded in England in 1983. They were among the first companies that specialized in tuning vehicles with computer-controlled fuel-injection systems. As of today, Superchips is creating tuners for late model year vehicles. During the early years, Superchips exclusively served the British racing community by creating high-end performance tuners, but soon after, they shifted their focus and began providing enthusiasts that were after power throughout the world. Superchips set up headquarters in Ogden, Utah, from where they operate and sell hand-held programmers. Their most known programmer is the Flashpaq F5, however, next to programmers, they also manufacture monitors, intakes, exhaust systems, and many other aftermarket performance modifications.

Superchips became part of Powerteq LLC in 2011, which brought them closer to Edge and Diablosport, two of the most respected performance tuner manufacturers. In 2015 Powerteq LLC was acquired by the Holley performance group, which allowed Superchips to use their resources and create top of the market performance tuners.