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Need Help Picking a Tuner?

We can do that! Please send us the following information in your message so that we can best assist you:

  • Model & Year of your Rig
  • Any "must have" features like: SOTF, Mount-able monitor for gauges, etc.

"I'm Looking to Delete..."

Sorry, but all the tuner manufacturers (Edge, BullyDog, etc) have removed the ability to modify emissions systems due to EPA mandates. We no longer carry anything that can do this for you.

Your best bet is to hop on the forums and see if you can find anyone who has 'a guy', but proceed at your own risk.

A Word on MPG Increases.. 

First off, poor mileage on newer diesels is mostly due to the new emissions equipment that is EPA-mandated. If your vehicle has over 80K miles, it may be time to investigate having the DPF and EGR systems cleaned. 

Next, tuner manufacturers regularly claim boosts in MPG in their marketing. Reality is, this varies wildly between drivers and is usually less than the claims floating around the internet. Apples-to-apples, a tuner *should* improve the mileage but you should not expect anything over 1-2 mpg.

A tuner provides better mileage by making the engine/trans work a little more efficiently at putting power to the ground and keeping you from over-revving/downshifting too often. This all goes out the window once you put your foot down though :)