SCT Tuners and Programmers

SCT Performance Overview

SCT is a company that specializes in unlocking vehicle performance through ECU calibration with products such as X4 Performance Programmer and Livewire TS+ Performance Programmer. SCT has developed and released performance calibrations for many models of Cummins, Powerstroke, and Duramax diesel powerplants. The SCT tuners optimize a vehicle's performance with easy to upload tunes that improve horsepower, torque, mileage, and drivability of a truck.

SCT created a team in 2003 of passionate and well-versed automotive people with racing, vehicle calibration, and aftermarket development backgrounds. Their team believes that automotive enthusiasts should be able to unlock the performance potential of their vehicles and that engine tuning is a necessary modification.

SCT merged with Bully Dog, Bully Dog Big Rig, Derive Efficiency, and Derive Systems, becoming a strong brand and a dominant force in the automotive technology industry. SCT's team focuses on helping enthusiasts customize and optimize their vehicles for most performance potential. They also work hard to innovate, create custom tunes, and offer customer support to truck owners that utilize SCT products.