Bully Dog Tuners and Programmers

Bully Dog Overview

Bully Dog focuses on improving the performance of diesel engines through innovative ECU calibration, aftermarket parts of high excellence, and monitoring devices with precise data-logging. Beginning in 1998, in American Falls, Idaho, the enthusiastic idea grew into a well-respected business. Employing talented automotive people, Bully Dog takes advantage of new technologies such as Wi-Fi communication, mobile computing, cloud-based systems, and high-performance parameter tracking to create superb performance tuners and monitors.  Some of their best products are the GT Platinum and the BDX Performance Programmer. Bully Dog merged with Derive Systems, SCT, and Derive Efficiency, creating a strong brand and becoming a world-class automotive aftermarket parts manufacturer.

Bully Dog focuses on ECU calibration of gas and diesel powerplants, creating performance, off-road, and towing tuners. They pay close attention to the diesel truck industry, including only the desired features that are simple to use, making their products stand out from the rest. Next to performance programmers, Bully Dog also creates high-quality aftermarket parts such as turbochargers, intakes, and manifolds. When it comes to diesel performance, Bully Dog is at the forefront of the industry.