Banks Derringer


Fits Powerstroke '11-19 and Duramax '17-20

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Warning: This part is intended for use on racing vehicles that are used exclusively for competition in closed-course racing events.

The Banks Derringer is an inline tuner for enhancing torque and power gains of your vehicle across the full operating rpm range, starting right off idle and marching to the shift point in each gear. It is packed with six switched settings to provide you the best in class vehicle boost performance.

  • Simple plug and play installation with easy removal for dealer service
  • Vehicle warranty friendly: NO REFLASH required or NO TRACES left in ECU
  • Adds up to 81 hp and 144 lb-ft
  • AutoRate® feature to continuously adjust under every driving condition
  • 6 power levels with on the fly level changing
  • ActiveSafety® feature to protect engine and powertrain
  • Supports software update and calibration through iDash 1.8 using microSD card
  • Compact and easily concealed design
  • Supports connection with vehicle ECU via OBD II Port
  • Works in cruise control
  • Provides Data-Logging functionality
  • TransCommand® Active Transmission Safety System

What's the difference between iDash, DataMonster, and Supergauge?

The iDash is the gauge hardware, which comes in two variations: Supergauge and DataMonster. The Supergauge and DataMonster are identical except the DataMonster allows the user to install an SD card to datalog parameters. This is extremely helpful for diagnosing issues, testing performance changes when new parts are installed, etc.

Vehicle Fitment

Power Gains

  • Ford / Powerstroke: Up to 72 HP & 148 TQ
  • GM/Chevy Duramax: Up to 81 HP & 144 TQ

In-Depth Feature Highlight

6 Power Levels

Banks Derringer provides six power levels, where Level 3 provides a comfortable work use driving experience and Level 6 has the ability to knock you back in your seat.

OBDII Port Connection

Unlike other tuners in the market, Banks Derringer provides you a simple easy plug and play installation option with the OBDII Port connection.

ActiveSafety® Feature

Derringer is the only tuner on the market to include ‘Active Safety’, which is an active failsafe system to smoothly transition your vehicle to stock power levels in the event of any trouble signs in the Derringer.

TransCommand® Active Transmission Safety System

Derringer utilizes key engine and transmission parameters to enhance shift performance and improve the longevity of your transmission. The Derringer is meticulously calibrated and extensively tested to properly modulate power during shifting, optimizing performance and safety.

AutoRate® Feature

AutoRate® feature intelligently provides optimum power to the vehicle by reading the vehicle parameters while adjusting fuel and boost dynamically. Other AutoRate features include altitude compensation i.e the Derringer increases boost as ambient air pressure decreases.

What's In The Box

  • Banks iDash unit (Supergauge or DataMonster)
  • 2x Banks Stickers
  • Contact card
  • Instruction manual
  • OBD-II cable
  • Starter cable
  • A packet of zip ties for clean installation

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