Edge Pulsar (22400)

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Fits Duramax '17-19 ONLY

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The Edge pulsar is an innovative in-line performance tuning module for optimizing performance gains, throttle response, mileage, tire size, high idle and other critical parameters of your vehicle.

Unlike other competitors in the market, Pulsar hits the home run by eliminating hassles of wiring harness, ECM unlocks, cross shipments or modification for installation.

  • Unique Piggyback Design For Simple Installation
  • 50-state Legal Including California (Carb E.O Number D-802-9)
  • Change 5 Power Levels On-the-fly By Using Cruise Control Buttons
  • Direct Connection With ECU Without Wiring Harness
  • Transmission Slip Detection Feature
  • Packed With Eight Performance Levels
  • User-selectable Cylinder Activation Or Deactivation System.
  • Built-in Throttle Sensitivity Control For Enhanced Throttle Response
  • Adjustable High-idle Setting
  • Allows Recalibration Of Speedometer With Respect To Changes In Wheel
  • No Traces Left In PCM
  • Internet Updateable

Vehicle Fitment

GM/Chevy Duramax: ‘17-19 L5P

Power Gains

GM/Chevy Duramax: Up to 90HP & 156 TQ

Top Features

Easy And Innovative Power Level Adjustment Mechanism

Edge pulsar allows adjustment of power levels by using "+" and "-" cruise control buttons on your steering wheel. Another groundbreaking innovation involves displaying the active power level on the vehicle's stock speedometer gauge. This eliminates the need for a separate additional digital gauge saving you some extra bucks!!

Performance with no Trace

Edge Pulsar leaves absolutely no trace of its existence or use within the vehicle's ECM. If your vehicle needs a visit to the dealership, simply remove the module to reset the vehicle back to stock settings.

Power Levels for Different Driving Styles

It comes pre-loaded with 8 different power levels, where each level corresponds to a different driving style based on modifications to horsepower gains, throttle response, multi-displacement system toggle controls, fuel economy, towing performance tire size etc.

Unique Design And Easy Installation

It has a unique design with two standard PCM connectors on either side of the unit, which allows the module to connect to your stock PCM in a piggyback-style. This design also eliminates the need for potentially cumbersome wiring and ensures an easy installation procedure.

Smart Exhaust Gas Temperature Regulation

The Edge Pulsar monitors the vehicle's EGT and smartly regulates the power delivery to the engine accordingly. In order to prevent overheating and damage to your vehicle, Edge pulsar backs down the power if high EGT is detected.

What’s in the Box

  • Edge Pulsar Module
  • OBDII Cable
  • A Pack Of Clamps For Securing The Module
  • Instruction Manual

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