Edge Amp'd Throttle Booster

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Edge Amp'd Throttle Booster is an electronic device for providing instant throttle response in the vehicle by solving the issue of the dreaded dead pedal.

It is an incredibly simple solution for generating edge of the seat power out of your vehicle without any noticeable delay, which ultimately enhances your driving experience.

  • Easy User-Adjustable Throttle Sensitivity And Responsiveness Settings
  • Reduces Acceleration Lag Feeling
  • Works Organically With Stock Or Modified Vehicles
  • Simple Installation
  • Covers Several Late Models Of Power Stroke, Cummins And Duramax Engines
  • No Powertrain Control Module Swap Required
  • Works Efficiently With Any Edge Or Superchips Programmers, Monitors Or Calibration Tools

In-Depth Feature Highlight

Power On Demand

Frustrated at not getting a quick throttle response out your vehicle? Well here's the solution. Edge Amp'd Throttle Booster takes the stock signal of the accelerator and changes the mapping leading to more sensitive throttle and giving access to more on-demand power along with enhanced turbocharging spooling.

Easy Adjustable Throttle Sensitivity And Responsiveness

The Amp’d Throttle Booster allows you to increase the throttle sensitivity by slightly raising the voltage on the throttle position sensor. It gives you more sensitivity choices by using three sensitivity settings along with a stock setting that doesn’t increase the voltage at all.

Get More Power Choices With Power Switch

Attach the Edge Amp'd Throttle Booster with the Amp’d Power Switch to get ahead of the pack. The Power Switch allows you to adjust throttle sensitivity settings on-the-fly in six different power modes namely Stock, Low 50% increase over stock, Medium 75% increase over stock, High 100% increase over stock, Valet mode and “FEEL THE POWER” mode for 400% increase over stock.

No PCM Replacement Required

Unlike other competitive products in the market, Edge Amp'd Throttle Booster works organically with your existing PCM even for older, stock or modified vehicles saving your money and time.

What's in the Box

  • Edge Amp'd Throttle Booster module
  • Wiring harness for connecting module with vehicle
  • Zip ties for clean installation
  • Instruction manual

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