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New Release! Edge has now updated the CTS2 with the fastest, most capable hardware yet, the CTS3!

The Edge Evolution CTS3 is a 5" capacitive touch-screen system that makes changing your tunes and monitoring your engine parameters a breeze. It’s also highly customizable, from gauges to colors and more.

The monitor connects to the OBD-II port in your truck with an HDMI power cord. Once the system is updated through Edge’s downloadable software, it will be ready to install and flash your tune!
  • Up to 135 HP & 220 TQ!
  • Typically 1-2 mpg gain
  • 5” HD Touchscreen Monitor
  • 3-4 Preloaded Tunes
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Engine Parameters
  • Fast Plug & Play Installation
  • Options to add accessory sensors & components


    The Edge Evolution CTS3 works with the following trucks/years:

    • PN#85400-300: 2003 - 2012 Dodge Cummins Diesels
    • PN#85400-200: 2001 - 2016 GM Duramax Diesels (LB7-LML)
    • PN#85400-100: 1994-2019 Ford Powerstroke (F250 & 350)

    The Tunes

    The Edge Evolution CTS3 comes with up to 5 preset tunes. Depending on your vehicle's make and model, the programmer includes the following tunes:

    • Transmission only – increases the life of your transmission (only available on certain makes/models)
    • Economy – improves your MPGs when used for your everyday driving
    • Towing – better performance for towing/fuel economy
    • Performance – 2nd highest power setting
    • Extreme – highest power setting

    Within each tune, you can make your own adjustments, depending on your needs. You can use previously set adjustments, or you can restore your truck to its factory settings. Some of the features you can modify include (but are not limited to)

    • Changing your tire size to get a true reading on your speedometer
    • Changing your gear ratio (for aftermarket gearing)
    • Setting the speed limiter higher or lower than the factory setting
    • Raising or lowering your shift points and rev limiters, depending on your application
    • Adjusting your shift firmness harder or softer for your comfort
    • Adjusting torque for local terrain
    • Changing the parameters of your fuel pressure: higher for more acceleration and lower for better fuel economy

    The Display

    The Evolution CTS3 includes an easy-to-navigate menu with touch-screen capability. It has a quick menu – accessed by dragging down from the top of the screen. This allows you to view notifications and change your background instantly. This programmer has not one, but two home screens, which you can move through with a swipe of your finger.

    Your display is entirely adjustable so that you can set different backgrounds and color schemes for each home screen. You can change the background images to preset pictures available on the device, or you can upload your own photos.

    The Edge Evolution comes with preset colors and a color wheel (to make your own color combinations) for your background and gauges. You can also set the gauges to measure specific parameters to track your vehicle's performance, and you can get these readings in either US or metric units of measure. These include (but aren't limited to):

    • Mass airflow sensor
    • MPH
    • Engine coolant temperature
    • RPMs
    • Engine Oil Pressure
    • Intake Air Temp Manifold
    • Battery voltage
    • Calibrate Pitch, Roll, and G-Force Gauges* (Google Note: I'm not sure if this would go here)
    • Enter tire size (if changed from stock) for correct speed and MPG tracking

    You can also create custom alarms for maintenance or temperature issues. These are also completely customizable: you can change how long the alarm goes off and how the notification displays on your screen. You can set reminders for regular maintenance like oil changes and air filters, or you can create alerts to watch EGTs, coolant and oil temp, among others.

    If you do a lot of traveling at night, the ambient light sensor will dim the screen at night to avoid night blindness. You can change how much it dims, depending on your comfort level. If you don't need to monitor your vehicle's performance during your travels, you can always use the time-out feature to turn the menu off when you aren't using it.

    The back of the monitor also features a video input for installing a backup camera..

    DIY Performance Testing

    The Edge Evolution CTS3's Performance Testing feature allows you to see the improvements of the tune in real-life scenarios. Using the data collected from the tests, you can compare your truck's performance stock vs. tune. These results are stored in your device, and they can be uploaded to your computer for review.

    The Evolution CTS3 includes the following performance tests:

    • 0-60 – measures the performance/output of your engine when traveling from 0-60mph
    • Quarter Mile - measures the performance/output of your engine when traveling a quarter mile
    • Horsepower – measures your horsepower during a driving test. You'll have to enter your vehicle's weight to measure your HP accurately.

    Always remember to obey all traffic laws when completing your performance testing; start your test on a closed course or a racetrack for safety reasons.

    Data Logging

    The Data Logging option lets you set what parameters and performance testing data to save in its record log. You can view these data on your device, or you can upload them to your computer to observe long-term trends.

    The data logging feature only saves a certain amount of data, so you'll have to back up your data before you reach the storage limit. The MyStyle software will store and organize your information so that you can access it later.


    Instead of bringing your truck in for costly diagnostic tests, you can run them yourself with the Edge Evolution CTS3. The programmer allows you to read and clear DTCs whenever it detects a potential issue with your vehicle. Some of these codes have listings and explanations, so you can most likely do the work yourself (saving yourself a ton of money, if it's a simple fix). Some truck models (mostly Ford and Chevys) allow you to clear these codes on the fly, but you may need to have your Dodge parked (with the key on and the engine off) to clear the code.

    Another valuable diagnostic parameter available for specific GM/Chevy models is the ability to check injector balance rates. This can help you find a weak or a bad injector before it causes more permanent damage.

    GM transmissions "learn" your driving style through the throttle pedal and engine sensors. The Transmission Relearn option in the Edge Evolution CTS3 helps your transmission adjust to your driving style when you upload a new tune.

    Maintenance Manager

    The Evolution also gives you the option to set maintenance reminders. You can schedule an alarm to go off a certain number of miles before the maintenance is due. These alerts can remind you of preventative maintenance measures, such as changing your oil, air filters, or engine coolant.

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