Banks Automind 2 Programmer

$389.00 $449.00

Fits Cummins '04-11, Powerstroke '99-16 and Duramax '01-16 (won't work on cab & chassis trucks)

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Banks AutoMind 2 Programmer is a performance tuner designed for enhancing vehicle output in terms of speed, horsepower, fuel efficiency and driveability. Brace up for some serious power delivery with it's pre-loaded and pre-programmed dyno proven calibration tunes right out of the box.

  • All new Full-color 2.8 inch screen
  • Delivers usable power on demand by removing factory power delay
  • New and improved user interface
  • Flexible all-in-one programmer and scan tool
  • Easy over the Internet updates
  • Improved speedometer calibration based on tire size or gear ratio
  • Control cylinder deactivation features
  • Easy adjustment or removal of engine rev or top speed limiter
  • Efficiently tuned for torque management and shift firmness or shift points
  • Service tech diagnostic capabilities to scan and clear vehicle trouble codes

Top Features

Push The Limits

Banks AutoMind 2 Programmer allows you to unleash the true beast out of your vehicle by allowing adjustment or removal of engine rev or top speed limiter.

Cylinder Deactivation Feature

Banks AutoMind 2 Programmer allows you to save fuel by allowing selective deactivation of the engine cylinders based on driving style or terrain.

Internet Updateable

Just plug in your handy Banks AutoMind 2 Programmer to the Internet and download all firmware and software updates with a simple process.

Easy To View Display

The full-color 2.8-inch screen allows easy adjustment of the vehicle parameters along with easy viewing and clearing of the vehicle trouble codes.

Easy To Operate User Interface

The all-new user interface gives you a comfortable tuning up of your vehicle performance. Be it selecting tune levels, gear ratio etc or changing to the desired tire weight, Banks AutoMind 2 Programmer truly provides you an edge over your pack.

Vehicle Fitment

Dodge / Cummins: 2004 - 2011
Note: Will not work on Cab & Chassis trucks

Ford / Powerstroke: 1999 - 2016
Note: Will not work on Cab & Chassis trucks

GM/Chevy Duramax: 2001 - 2016
Note: Will not work on Cab & Chassis trucks

Power Gains

Dodge / Cummins: Up to 130 HP & 270 TQ

Ford / Powerstroke: Up to 115 HP & 265 TQ

GM/Chevy Duramax: Up to 135 HP & 240 TQ

What's In The Box

  • Quick Reference Guide
  • USB Cable
  • Banks AutoMind 2 Programmer (OBDII cable attached)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
For the money its great

Limited to 110mph. Rev limiter, Trans shift points, and speed limiter options not available. The economy tune has almost as much power as max effort and will get you good mpg if you keep your foot out of it. This review is when used with a 2006 ram Cummins. max displayed mpg was 36.9 actual was 31. Its very easy to get 26 shown and keep it there. This yield an Average mpg calculations were about 22 to 26.

Jay Unger
It's working great no problems and fuel mileage is way impr

It is working awesome and fuel economy is way up

leroy cook
It works

it works