EFILive Autocal V3 with GDP Tuning

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EFI LIVE AutoCal V3 is a hand-held device for professional tuners to distribute custom tunes to their customers. It comes loaded with EFILive’s renowned scan tool allowing collection and transmission of customer logged data back to the tuner for analysis for more optimization or customization of tunes.

Note: The device will not arrive with tunes preloaded, but the price includes lifetime support for tunes from GDP. Give them a call (877-223-5018) and they will get started on your custom tune specific for your vehicle/mods!

  • Large And Easy To Read Color Screen
  • Powerful Arm Cortex-M3, 32-bit CPU (much faster than V2)
  • 512 MB Micro SD Card For Storing Hundreds of Tune Files or Hours of Logged Data
  • Supports Up To 600 Vin Licenses
  • Built-in Audible Alarms For Vehicle Safety
  • Easy Reading And Clearing Codes
  • Supports Multiple Protocols Can J1979, Can J1939 (Heavy Duty) And VPW
  • Battery Backup Real-time Clock For Accurate Timestamps
  • Faster File Transfer Speed Than Previous Generations
  • Built-in Power Supply Prevents Data Corruption If Connection is Interrupted
  • Plug-and-play Installation
  • Heavy Duty Rugged Molex Connectors
  • Easy Retrieval of Automatically And Manually Saved Trace Files

In-Depth Feature Highlight

GDP Custom Tuning Included

This price includes lifetime support for custom tuning through GDP. GDP is a well respected and knowledgeable tuner for all diesel powerplants. Once you receive your AutoAgent, give GDP a call and they will ask for the device serial # and VIN to connect your vehicle to the cloud and deliver your tune in minutes!

Power And Speed

AutoCal V3 is packed with Powerful ARM Cortex-M3-32-bit CPU, which is specially designed for low power usage and high-performance. This upgraded hardware allows smooth operation and enhanced file transfer speed up to 10 times faster than FlashScan/AutoCal V2.

Built-in Backup Power Supply

Worried about accidental disconnect or power loss while in flash - bricking your ECU? The backup power supply will prevent data corruption or firmware damage during external power interruption.

Easy Remote Custom Tuning

Remote custom tuning has never been easier. Just get your customized tune from any professional tuner over email. Send the logged data back to the tuner for analysis and get more customized tailored tunes.

Simple Plug-and-play Installation

No mechanic needed. No hood to be lifted. Just Install and integrate your AutoCal V3 with the vehicle by connecting with OBD port within a few seconds. As easy as it sounds.

What's in the Box

  • Autocal V3 Device
  • OBD-II Cable
  • USB Cable

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