aFe Power AGD Monitor

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Fits 2008+ models for Cummins, Powerstroke and Duramax

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The aFe Advanced Gauge Display Monitor is a state of the art digital gauge which allows you to monitor, record, and control your vehicles parameters and diagnostic information while sitting in your truck.

  • 5.5” High Resolution (1280x720) Multi-touch Screen Display.
  • Accurate On-the-fly Monitoring With A Comprehensive List Of Parameters
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity For Usage With aFe’s Scorcher Blue Modules
  • Easy Reading And Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Simple Plug And Play Installation via OBDII Port
  • Bundled With Windshield Mount With Magnetic Base
  • Supports High-Speed Data Logging
  • Customizable Gauges
  • Works With Third-Party Tuners
  • Monitor, Record, And Control Over 25 Parameters With Diagnostic Information

Vehicle Fitment

Dodge / Cummins: '08+

Ford / Powerstroke: '08+

GM/Chevy Duramax: '08+

Power Gains

This product is a monitoring device ONLY, but can be used with any other tuner

Top Features

Customizable High-Resolution Display

The aFe Advanced Gauge Display Monitor (AFE-AGD) features a 5.5” high resolution (1280x720) multi-touch screen display which allows you to easily swipe through menus and options. With customizable gauges and multiple different screen layouts available, each display can be tailored to your vehicle's specific needs and aesthetic.

Accurate and Reliable On-The-Fly Monitoring

Looking to get granular level performance data out of your vehicle? Well, AFE AGD is the right choice. It is designed to monitor, record and control over 25 performance parameters along with diagnostic information.

Precision and Durable Engineering

AFE AGD is precisely crafted from premium components, featuring a black durable housing with state-of-the-art measuring instruments. This gauge display is second to none when it comes to aesthetics and looks.

Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible

Not only does it work seamlessly in conjunction with aFe POWER’s Scorcher BLUE modules, but the AFE-AGD also provides the ability to control tunes from third-party companies. This gives you the choice to use your existing tuner or buy a new one without worrying about its compatibility.

Simple Installation

The aFe Advanced Gauge Display Monitor is a simple plug and play installation, just plug into the OBD-II port, set up the windshield mount, and you're ready to roll. It includes a windshield mount with a magnetic base for easy arrangement in the vehicle cabin.

Advanced Data Logging and Diagnostic Capabilities

The monitor comes loaded with specific diagnostic tools to virtually spot any potential issues in the vehicle. It also allows you to store vehicle performance data for later monitoring on your PC via micro SD card or directly connecting. 

 What’s in the Box

  • aFe Advanced Gauge Display Monitor module
  • Magnetic Mount Base
  • OBDII Plug and cable
  • Windshield mount with Magnetic base
  • USB Cable
  • Zip ties (*2)

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